Today : Tuesday,   December 05, 2017

Assessments & Development Center

Assessment center outcomes give you insights on individual capability and potential that often goes unnoticed on account of operational pressures and priorities. You also get an insight into hidden strengths of your employees. Understanding this helps you identify potential and develop a career path for high potential and competent people, manage person-job fit, track developmental needs ensuring retention of contributing and high potential performers and managing their careers effectively.

Our consultants are experienced assessors having conducted assessment centres for well-known companies for sales, production and senior management teams.

We use time tested tools for conducting assessments including group activities, case studies and psychometric instruments to assess employee potential and development needs of participants.

case study

In foods and beverages and wellness products

The assessment centre exercises helped the client identify potential of their employees and identify person organization fit,

Food and Beverage manufacturing unit of a leading FMCG company

Assessment center conducted for potential assessment and job fit of key employees at the shift supervisory and managerial levels.

For a company in the entertainment industry

For the senior management team of the company to assess development needs and personality profiles of the assesees.