Today : Tuesday,   December 05, 2017

Challenges faced by businesses and business leaders are highly disruptive bringing rapid and unprecedented changes in the environment.

Past experience is no guarantor of future success and in this current and emerging scenario the concern for organizations is how to make their people future ready and effective in uncertain times.

The Millennial generation now entering into the work-force that is getting more diverse and requires managers to relearn their people management skills and this is an important area of focus for the Human resources function of any organization.

Prakshal have over nearly two decades built capability to offer winnable solutions to cater to the need for developing skills to confront the challenges that you and your people face and be prepared for those that are yet to emerge that can pose serious threats for the organization.

We approach all our assignments with a fresh perspective and rely on our knowledge, creative edge and innovative approach to address your problems and design winning solutions for the challenges they faced.

We are proud to count among our clients reputed corporations as well has small and medium enterprises who have been extremely satisfied with our services and have expressed their confidence time and again by giving us repeat business.

With our team of experienced professionals we are happy to offer our services to you and help you in your efforts to improve productivity and defectiveness of your people


Be the consulting company of choice for our clients and industry at large for people and process development consulting in Western India by 2021.


Offer quality services ensuring support for implementation of changes and improvements recommended to our clients by partnering with them to make their plans and goals a reality.

Maintain the best quality of deliverables in all services offered and become partners with our clients in helping them realize their vision.

Our Values

Maintain the highest standards of integrity in our services and in our dealings with our employees, clients, stakeholders and the community at large by maintaining transparency in all our dealings.

Ensure merit based selection of associates and employees and ensure diversity in our talent pool to encourage creativity and innovation.

We strive to create value for our clients in all assignments and ensure best performance as measured by results and measurable gains achieved by our clients through our efforts.