Thanks for showing interest in Franchise of Prakshal IT Academy.

The Indian education market is one of the most promising markets now and is going to swell in the future. The adoption of technology in this sector has opened flood gates of opportunities for the entrepreneurs, businessman and start-ups to get their roots firmed in the business.

The Indian education market is expected to almost double to $180 billion by 2020, buoyed by the rapid expansion of the digital learning market.

Franchise business in India is one of the safest formats as it involves less investment coupled with more revenue. This is the reason why more and more people are now moving towards this arrangement and taking advantage of Low investment franchise business across the India.

Grasping Prakshal Franchise Opportunity at this time implies that your future is guaranteed for additional benefits.

"About 90% of the employment opportunities demand vocational skills, but 90% of the schools & colleges deliver only bookish knowledge."

Here is where we at PRAKSHAL IT ACADEMY play a crucial role of bridging the gap between Employment and Employability.

We invite you to be a part of this movement. Let’s bridge this gap across the Globe. We are looking for Partners to associate with us in this mission.



Our ‘Prerogative Franchise Support System’ is a tool through which we help our business partners from the very Initial stage of franchise enquiry to assistance in finding a suitable site; and from signing up of franchise to launch as well as running the centre successfully.

Marketing Support

Sales Training

Prospective leads from online portals



Graphic Designs

HR Support

Technical Support

Admin Support

ERP Support

Placement Support

Entrepreneurship training for Partners


  • Who can qualify as Prakshal Franchise?

    Graduates (preferably in IT) with minimum 2 years of working experience having entrepreneur mindset and willing to invest and run centre as per Prakshal’s standard and policies. Secondly, existing Computer Education Centres who are running their centres independently are eligible.

  • What help can I expect from Prakshal to build my centre?

    We will guide you for Interior design and Technical Infrastructure development of centre.

  • Will I be trained to do business in IT Education industry?

    Yes, we will provide you and your team with thorough training on Sales, Marketing, Technical, Administration, Placement, Recruitment and all other required training.

  • What is the total financial investment required to establish a Prakshal IT Academy Centre?

    The investment will vary depending upon the city and location of your centre; the minimum sum required would be approximately INR 17 lakhs.

  • What is the validity period of the franchisee agreement with Prakshal IT Academy?

    The initial franchisee agreement will be for a period of 3 years. The agreement can be renewed depending upon the performance of the centre; and terms and conditions prevailing at the time of the agreement will be applicable to all renewals and fresh application for a franchise.

  • Who enforces quality at Prakshal?

    As an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, Prakshal IT academy strictly adheres to the Quality Management Systems (QMS) designed. We also have a comprehensive audit and review programs to encourage compliance and integrate our franchisee partners to our QMS system and we provide support in continuous improvement programs in centre operations and support our partners in delivering customer satisfaction.

  • What is the return on investment (ROI) a franchisee can expect?

    Subject to a franchisee meeting his enrolment objectives it is possible to earn a steady return of investment of between 20% to 24 % per annum on an average. The Higher the enrollment the better would be the return on investment for you.

  • How soon can I break-even on my capital investment?

    The time period is subject to a number of variable factors which include the total investment in the centre and the ability of the centre to attract students and retain them. On an average you can expect to reasonably achieve a break even in a period of 6 to 8 months. Again, as mentioned in the above question, the higher the enrollment of students the quicker would your breakeven period be.

  • What is the process to apply for Prakshal Franchise?

    Applying for Prakshal franchise is quite simple, just follow the 12 step process as mentioned below:

    • Step 01 : Call on our Franchise Manager; discuss preferred location, timeframe, infrastructure.
    • Step 02 : Fill & Submit Franchise Request Application Form with relevant documents.
    • Step 03 : Receive an email from us for Company Profile and business projections.
    • Step 04 : Fix a meeting with us at your location to understand mutual benefits and freeze a location.
    • Step 05 : Visit us at HO to understand our complete model of centre operations and visit current centres to interact with our existing partners.
    • Step 06 : Sign MoU with Franchise fee and finalize launch date of centre.
    • Step 07 : Site Visit & Evaluation by one of our Development Managers.
    • Step 08 : Signing Franchise Agreement.
    • Step 09 : Attend Franchise Induction Training.
    • Step 10 : Launch the centre.