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Our Signature Programs:

Designed for specific training needs of our clients these programs address some common needs of many organizations:

Smart Induct:

A program to assist organizations to effectively onboard new employees. The design of the program ensures incorporating organization specific inputs required in organization induction. The standard content includes building yourself as a brand, etiquette and grooming.

Corporate Dramebaaz:

Theatre based workshop for interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. A totally experiential workshop uses theater techniques to analyze causes and effects of conflicts and addresses the root cause of the problem to arrive at behaviour change for improvement.


An experiential and activity based workshop to enhance problem solving and decision making skills through effective use of simulation techniques, case studies to enhance the training experience.

N Vision:

A creativity and innovation work shop to address the challenges faced in the business environment. Learning to change the paradigm when faced with problems and situations to think differently to get innovative and out of box solutions by participants.

Top Gun:

A business development and strategic selling skills training program with modules at two levels:
Top Gun 1: Basic selling skills and customer management.
Top Gun 2: Advanced selling skills: Creating differentiation in product or service and moving from selling too fulfilling needs.

Women Unbound:

A special program for women professionals and employees to help achieve work life balance and manage stress and develop their personal effectiveness.


An outdoors workshop for team building and problem solving designed to address team building, creativity, innovation, problem solving and decision making through team oriented outdoor activities. The program is ideal for large groups.


Finishing School Program

This Course will reduce the gap between the college and the industry; this will provide the essential knowledge and skill to work with confident in market. This program will help students to groom them and make them industry ready. So students understand the industrial needs and expectations to face the interview confidently and secure the suitable position.

Participant's profile B.E/B.TECH(Computer Science,I.T,EC),MCA/MSCIT
Duration 30 to 45 days [ 8 hrs per day]
  • Sound fundamentals of programming/testing/System Administration
  • Knowledge of basic set of tools and languages
  • Knowledge of applying technology to solve a problem based on case studies
Course Contents Generally designed by mutual understanding of both the parties.


List of courses

Following are the modules covered as part of this type of training. All of these modules can be customized to the extent desired in the context of project requirements.

Fundamentals C programming, SQL, DBMS concepts, Unix basics.
Java Java, JDBC, Servlet/JSP, EJB
Software Testing Software testing concepts
MDP Program Skill Communication & Presentation Skills, Interview Skill