Nano Server

Nano Server is a new installation option in Windows Server 2016. It is administered remotely and optimized for hosting in Private Clouds and Datacenters and for running applications that are developed by using cloud application patterns. It can not be installed directly on the host machine. It is installed as a VHD or WIM file

Editions of Windows Server 2016

Hi All, in earlier post we had gone through some useful information of Windows Server 2016. Today let’s learn something today about eidtions of Windows Server 2016. They are as below: *Windows Server 2016 Essentials *Windows Server 2016 Standard *Windows Server 2016 Datacenter *Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 *Windows Stoage Server 2016 Workgroup *Windows Storage Server

User Control in ASP.NET

Hello! In this sequence of Blogs we are going to understand about User-Controls in ASP.NET Let us understand the basics of user-control: A User Control is a reusable page or control with an extension of .ascx (Active Server Control eXtended) and created similar to an .aspx (Active Server Pages eXtended) page but the difference is that

C Programming Data Types

int – Integer data types Integers are whole numbers that can have both positive and negative values but no decimal values. Example: 0, -5, 10 In C programming, keyword int is used for declaring integer variable. For example: int id; Here, id is a variable of type integer. You can declare multiple variable at once in C programming. For

C if…else Statement

C if statement if (testExpression) {   // statements} The if statement evaluates the test expression inside the parenthesis. If the test expression is evaluated to true (nonzero), statements inside the body of if is executed. If the test expression is evaluated to false (0), statements inside the body of if is skipped from execution. Flowchart of if statement C if…else statement