Student's Manual

In the initial days itself, the student manual is provided to every individual trainee that directs him towards its passion of life. The student’s manual gives detailed information about the training system and methodology that is going to be undertaken at Prakshal.

Report Card

On every interval, a report card of the trainee is presented to observe and analyze the performance. The report card helps the trainee to get a clear idea about their strengths and weaknesses. Prakshal team prepares an unbiased report card that becomes a motivating source for every candidate through their performance.

Parent - Teacher Meeting

Prakshal team believes in sharing the progress and determination with trainee’s parents by arranging a parent and teacher meeting. This meeting is a matter of pure discussion providing satisfying solutions to the queries and feedbacks from both the ends.

Online Student's Feedback

At Prakshal, we encourage feedbacks. Feedback are utmost important for the smooth functioning with students, as it allows to hold a confidential medium of expression according to their comfort. Since its inception, feedbacks have been our strong mode of contact with the students.

Online Examination

The proficient training system imbibed to the students is evaluated through an online examination generated by experts of the industries. The examination prepares Prakshal students to excel with confidence in their chosen fields. The structure of online examination assists students to be friendly with the selection systems of national as well as international companies.

Online ERP

ERP the abbreviation stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a core real time business purpose level in the certified training system adapted by leading international IT companies of the world. Prakshal provides an online ERP with an objective of practicing the prevailing circumstances in the organizations.

Finishing Programme

The final stage of the training concludes with finishing programme that builds the qualities which results into excelling in the job acquisition and self presentations. Finishing Programme is constructed to give a polished ending to the raw training starting in the initial phase of the structure. It prepares our students to face all challenges with optimum courage.

Online Job Portal

Prakshal not only aims at delivering the best, instead keeps up the maintenance too. The placement team at Prakshal assists the students to acquire best corporate as well as Industrial opportunities for free, stated according to their goals. The system of online job portal functions to connect Prakshal students to the company recruiters directly and also gets updated on the upcoming vacancies.

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