Software Training


Prerequisite :Knowledge of C, C++, Basic knowledge Of Database Concepts and HTML


  • Getting to know the .NET Framework
  • Getting Started with Visual Studio .NET
  • Basics of Building Windows Applications
  • Basics of Building Web Applications
  • Working with the Validation Controls
  • Getting to Know the VB.NET Language
  • Delving Further into the VB.NET Language
  • Introduction to Object Orientation in .NET
  • Introduction to Working with Data in .NET
  • Adding Error Handling to .NET Applications
  • XML
  • Working with the Visual Database Tools in .NET
  • Introduction to ADO.NET
  • Working with Data-Aware Controls
  • ADO.NET and Stored Procedures
  • Working with the Data Grid Control
  • Working with the Repeater Control
  • Working with the Data List Control
  • ADO.NET and XML
  • Utilizing .NET Web Services
  • Data Caching in Web Applications

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