Hardware & Network Training

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

Modules :

Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Introduction to KVM
  • VirtIO drivers
  • libvirt
  • Virtual machine management with virsh

Advanced RHEL Virtualization

  • Managing virtual machines with RHN
  • Defining VMs with libvirt XML
  • Custom KVM network configuration
  • Virtual Machine Migration
  • Shared Storage
  • iSCSI Internet SCSI
  • Acessing disk images from the host OS Unit

RedHat Enterprise Virtualization

  • RHEV for Servers architecture overview
  • RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Manager overview
  • RedHat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor overview
  • Preparing a Windows Server for RHEVM installation

RHEV Manager

  • Installing RHEV Manager
  • The RHEV-M database
  • Accessing the RHEV-M Admin Portal

RHEV Hypervisor

  • Installing of RHEVH
  • The RHEVH deployment modes
  • Installing RHEVH
  • Automated RHEVH installation
  • RHEVH reconfiguration
  • Upgrading RHCVH
  • Troubleshooting RHEVH

RHEV Data Center

  • Data Center overview
  • Host
  • Storage Domains
  • Clusters
  • System Scheduler
  • Logical networks
  • Virtual machines
  • Creating a New Data Center
  • Creating a New Cluster
  • Configuring storage

RHEV for Servers

  • Creating virtual servers
  • Installing virtual servers
  • Paravirtualized drivers for Windows
  • PXE Installation and RHN/Cobbler
  • Virtual Machine Migration
  • High Availability for Guests
  • RHN Entitlements and RHEV VMs

RHEV for Desktops

  • RHEV for Desktops architecture
  • Creating virtual Desktops
  • Installing Windows network VirtIO drivers

Snapshots and Templates

  • Image formats
  • Image management
  • Creating VM snapshots
  • Creating templates
  • Sealing a Windows template with Sysprep

Desktop Pools, Users and Portal

  • Creating and managing Desktop Pools
  • Managing users
  • Accessing the User Portal
  • Accessing Virtual Desktops

Advanced RHEV

  • Using Export Storage domains
  • Converting Virtual Machines with virt-v2v
  • Importing converted Virtual Machines
  • Using the Search Bar
  • Using Tags
  • Using the Monitoring Tools
  • Using Log Collector

RHEV-Managed RHEL Hosts

  • Managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosts
  • RHEV software for RHEL nodes
  • Registering a RHEL node with RHEV
  • Troubleshooting registration
  • Performance tuning for RHEV

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