Hardware & Network Training

IBM - Tivoli Storage Manager1 Month

Prerequisite :Strong knowledge of computer Network and Server management and Network Security. Ability to navigate applications on the OS being used for the course Ability to use the OS command line on the OS being used for the course. Experience working with storage devices. Ability to work with an Internet browser. Thorough understanding of client-server concepts. Basic understanding of network architecture, including WAN, LAN, and SAN.


  • IBM - Tivoli storage manager
  • Introduction to IBM Tivoli Disaster Recovery Manager
  • Stanzas of the Disaster Recovery Plan Files
  • Breaking Out a Disaster Recovery Plan File
  • Client Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Manager Media Management
  • Life cycle of DRAM Media
  • Sending & Returning Volumes to vault.
  • Recovery Site Consideration
  • Backup & Recovery Using Removable Media
  • Backup & Recovery Usin Server-to-Server Virtual Volumes
  • Bare Machine Recovery.

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