Hardware & Network Training

Hacking & Prevention Of Hacking.1 Month

Prerequisites : Strong knowledge of computer Network and Server management and Network Security.

Hacking & Prevention Of Hacking.

  • Understand Ethical Hacking Terminology
  • Describe the DoS/DDoS Attack Countermeasures
  • Define the Job Role of an Ethical Hacker
  • Common Types of Attacks
  • Identify Different Types of Hacking Technologies
  • Understand Spoofing VS Hijacking
  • Describe the Ways in Conducting Ethical Hacking
  • Describe How You Would Prevent Session Hijacking
  • Understand how e-Mail Tracking and Web Spiders Works
  • Describe Web Server Attacks and Hardening Methods
  • Understand Ping Sweep and War Dialing Techniques
  • Understand Web Application Countermeasures
  • What is a Password Cracker?
  • Describe the Methods in Securing Wireless Networks
  • Understanding Password Cracking Techniques
  • Understand the Difference between a Virus and a Worm
  • Identifying Various Password Cracking Tools
  • Understand the Types of Viruses and Virus Detection Methods
  • Understand Password Cracking Countermeasures
  • Overview of Cryptography and Encryption Techniques
  • Understand How to Cover Your Tracks and Erase Evidences
  • List the Automated Penetration Testing Tools
  • What is a Trojan Attack?
  • Understand DNS Spoofing Techniques

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