Hardware & Network Training

CCSA1 Month

Prerequisites :Knowledge of Computer Network and Server Management

Exam Code : CCSA NGX 1 156.215.1

Check Point Security Administrator NGX 1

  • Understand the Different Access Control Models
  • Understand the Security Concerns for the Different Types of Media
  • Understand the Different Methods of Authentication
  • Understand the Different Kinds of Security Topologies
  • Identify Non-essential Services and Protocols
  • Differentiate the Different Types of Intrusion Detection
  • Recognize Different Attacks and Specify the Appropriate Actions
  • Configure Security Baselines
  • Understand and Reduce the Risks of Social Engineering
  • Explain Each of the Different Kinds of Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Understand the Significance of Auditing, Logging and System Scanning
  • Understand the Different Concepts of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
  • Understand Remote Access Technologies
  • Understand the Different Types of Physical Security
  • Understand Email Security Concepts and Internet Security Concepts
  • Understand the Security Implications of Disaster Recovery
  • Understand Directory Security Concepts
  • Explain the Different Concepts of Privilege Management
  • Understand Different Wireless
  • Technologies and Concepts
  • Understand the Different Topics of Forensics
  • Understand Security Concerns Of the Different Types of Devices

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