Nano Server

Nano Server is a new installation option in Windows Server 2016. It is administered remotely and optimized for hosting in Private Clouds and Datacenters and for running applications that are developed by using cloud application patterns.

It can not be installed directly on the host machine. It is installed as a VHD or WIM file built by Windows PowerShell cmdlets. Nano Server can be installed with either Standard or Datacenter edition and can select various Packages that are available as Server roles and features as below:

1. Hyper-V role
2. Failover Clustering
3. File Server role
4. DNS Server role
5. IIS
6. Host support for Windows Containers

3 thoughts on “Nano Server

  1. Nice, But i have one doubt, how many production environment implement this type of server ? And its nice that this type of server can implement in many way.

    1. As its a new feature it will take some time to implement in production environment. The main reason is that if company is really think to implement any service then it would always think on big side. But as budget is the main concern for any company then surely many companies are adopting this when they are having requirement to launch single service on virtual environment. So I can conclude in short that yes this type of server are in use right now as it has great benefit of easy restoration due to its virtual environment implementation.

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