Application Gallary

  • BAS - Barcode Attendance System, is a web based barcode attendance application.
  • A time and attendance tracking system provides the cost saving benefits of:
    • Accuracy - Eliminate inaccuracies of timesheets and falsified time logs with automated data capture.
    • Simplicity - Record all pertinent information with just the swipe or scan of a card.
    • Efficiency - Reduce the time required to process time and attendance data.
    • Productivity - Manage your employee's time and performance to optimize their capabilities.
  • OES - Online Examination System is Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) based examination system that provides an easy to use environment for both Test Conducters and Students appearing for Examination
  • Features provided in Latest Release are:
    • Supports Management of Users, Subjects, Tests, Questions and Results.
    • Fully Automated Evaluation and Results Calculation.
    • Provides detailed information to Test Conductors.
    • Provides test summary, results summary to both student and test conductor.

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